Homeschool and Charter School Piano Lessons

In addition to home-educating your child in reading, writing, STEM, and history, let them learn music with Homeschool Piano LessonsDaytime piano lessons will enrich your child's education and personal development. You can use private funds or charter school funds to pay for Piano Lessons!

Charter Schools where I am an Approved Vendor:

If you belong to another charter school, you can have your school contact me to request that I become a Vendor with them. 

Why Homeschool Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons give more than the gift of music: they give children valuable life, emotional, and cognitive skills. Music lessons do more for a child's growth than any other activity -- including other arts! Together, we can personalize your child's education, develop a talent, and foster a love of music. 

Interested Parents and Education Coaches/Specialists: Contact Me for current rates and availability. A full semester commitment is required to enroll.

I look forward to working with you and your child!

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