Home School and Charter School Music Lessons

I am approved to teach all four of my subjects as a charter school vendor. This means that you can use your school vendor funds to purchase lessons with me for Piano, Flute, Voice or Music Theory! You will find me listed as an Approved Vendor for the following schools:

If you belong to a charter school that is not listed here and you would like to take music lessons with me through your school, have them contact me at (951) 314-3593. If you do not wish to authorize your charter school to pay for music lessons using school funds, my lessons are also offered privately for your homeschooled child or children.

Music Lessons Will Round Out Your Child’s Education in Every Aspect of Life

In addition to providing your children with essential education in core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and History, you can offer them an opportunity to learn Music. Music education will not only give them the opportunity to develop a talent for music, but it will also give them valuable life skills, emotional skills, and cognitive skills. In fact, music lessons do more for you and your brain than any other kind of activity – including other arts!

Those who study music can gain:

  • creative skills
  • performance skills
  • discipline
  • problem solving skills
  • emotional skills
  • increased memory
  • higher IQ
  • and more!

Together, you and I can help your child have a personalized education that will help them learn to love music and develop their musical talents.

Be sure to contact me before ordering lessons through your charter school so that we can set up a lesson schedule and go over any questions you may have. Once you have requested lessons with me, your school will provide me with a PO to authorize the lessons. As soon as I have received this authorization, we can begin our music education! I look forward to enhancing your education and strengthening your love of music!