When you have piano lessons every week, you might Miss your lesson once in a while. When "life" affects your normal scheduled music lesson, there are 2 solutions in place: Flex Weeks and Makeup Lessons. Here is how they work.

First, Flex Weeks.

I've reworked your tuition to account for a few emergency "life" happenings, so 3 of your lessons each year are free. That's right -- FREE. These are lessons are called Flex Weeks, and here's how you can use them.

How to Use Flex Weeks

You have a conflict with your lesson this week, so you decide to use a Flex Week. No problem! There's no need to make up the lesson. I'll see you next week!

And that's how easy it is. If you have a conflict, you have 3 built-in FREE lessons that you can cancel. And you never have to feel bad about missing because you didn't pay for them in the first place.

BONUS: If you have perfect attendance and NEVER miss a lesson, I'll still teach you those 3 weeks (without charge). So you'll get 3 FREE LESSONS from me!

(Because "life" happens to me, too, tuition also accounts for 3 Teacher Flex Weeks. This means I may cancel up to 3 of your lessons each year, and there's no need to make them up.)

What About Makeup Lessons?

If you've already used all your Flex Weeks, or you really want to attend those free lessons, here's my Makeup Lesson Policy (also included in my Lesson Policies):

Let me know at least 24 hours before your normal lesson time that you have a conflict, and I will offer the following Makeup Lesson options:

  • FaceTime, Skype, or Phone Call Lesson at your normal time - The perfect back-up for when a Student is sick or has no ride. You don't miss out, it's free, germs don't spread, and neither of us has to reschedule. **This Makeup Lesson option is always available.
  • Video Lesson during your normal time - Email me a video performing your pieces, and I will use your lesson time to review them and send feedback. Also a great option. **This Makeup Lesson option is always available.
  • Sibling Lesson during your normal time - If I teach 2+ people in the same family, the other Student can use the time slot. (MUST be a current student)
  • In-Person Makeup Lesson at another time/day - If I have an opening, I'll offer an in-person lesson another time/day. **This Makeup Lesson option is subject to availability. 24 hours notice is required. 

This infographic sums up Makeup Lessons nicely:

With all these options, it's usually easy to work something out! But there is a time limit: Makeup Lessons must be within 3 weeks of the original Missed Lesson. (No saving a Makeup Lesson for spring break because you Missed a Lesson way back in January.) 

If I don't have any openings within 3 weeks and you can't do one of the available options, there will be no Makeup Lesson. You will simply miss the benefit of that week's lesson, and I will use the time for other teaching work that will benefit you and other students (learn What Your Tuition Covers).

With a full roster and waiting list, in-person Makeup Lessons are limited. If I have an opening and you book it, I won't reschedule the lesson a second time for you. You must either attend at that time or forfeit the lesson. 

What If I Can't Give 24 Hours Notice?

"24 hour notice" is a professional courtesy that I expect of all students/parents. In-Person Makeup Lessons are only offered to students who honor this courtesy and will not be offered for last-minute situations that prevent you from being available at your lesson time (like other appointments running late, spontaneous vacations or day trips, traffic, fell asleep, headache, forgot, etc.). 

Exception: FaceTime/Skype/Phone/Video Lesson during your normal time slot is always acceptable (even with late notice) if you don't have a ride, get sick on your lesson day (please don't come sick), etc. 

To Makeup or Not to Makeup?

Most music teachers I know have a strict No Makeup Lessons Policy! You don't get a private lecture when you miss school. You still owe a fee when you cancel a doctor's appointment last minute. And you wouldn't be thrilled if you went to work and your boss had no work for you that day but wanted you to come in on your day off. (You'd probably expect payment for both days, plus overtime pay for working on your day off.) 

Offering an alternate time for a makeup piano lesson is agreeing to reserve two lesson times and only being paid for one. There's simply no way to "resell" a weekly time slot that has been reserved just for you. 

However, I understand that "life" can happen, so I've given you 3 Flex Weeks and this generous Makeup Lessons Policy.

Consistent attendance is extremely important when it comes to music education. My hope is that you will always be able to attend all your lessons! But with these back-up solutions in place, you can make the most out of your private piano lessons even when life occasionally throws off your schedule. 

I'll see you next week!

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