Music Education for Charter School Students

I am an Approved Charter School Vendor for Music Lessons (Piano Lessons) with several local charter schools. Parents can use school funding to educate their children in music when they might not have the chance otherwise. I am really excited to help more children develop an understanding, love, and talent for music.

Unique Opportunities for Each of Us

home schoolingMusic lessons for homeschooled children provide a unique opportunity for both me as the teacher and for homeschooled students. For me, it puts me in contact with students that I would not necessarily have found. For my students, they have access to a qualified music teacher that they may not necessarily have found. This new opportunity also gives homeschooled students a chance to learn music using their charter school funding. Children who attend public school have the privilege of joining band or choir, typically at little to no cost, so long as it is offered by their school. They children are blessed to be able to learn music in a setting that homeschooled children cannot access. Parents of homeschooled children usually have to find external sources for their children’s music education. With me as an Approved Charter School Vendor, parents can use charter school funds provided for their children to not only give them an education in music but give them a personalized music learning experience with private music lessons.

Music Lessons Will Round Out Your Child’s Education in Every Aspect of Life

All children learn core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and History, but not all learn music. Why? In our schools, music is not a required subject, and therefore students must elect to learn it. Some children have an innate desire to learn music and will ask their parents for music lessons, but others have to be introduced to music and be presented with the opportunity to study it, otherwise they may never realize how much of a joy music can be.

many benefits of music educationThe benefits of music education are numerous. Music education gives children the chance to develop a talent, to learn something interesting, to be challenged, to express themselves, to develop and understand their emotions, to perform, to be creative, to multi-task more effectively and efficiently, to be disciplined, to solve problems, and to develop themselves. Music lessons provide children with valuable life skills, emotional skills, cognitive skills, and more. Extensive research proves that music lessons do more for you and your brain than any other kind of activity – including other arts! My own Sociology Master’s Thesis showed that music education improves not only a child’s academic ability but also his belief in his ability to succeed. I have personally seen evidence of these countless benefits in my own music students.

Too often, children do not have the chance to learn music because they and their parents do not know the enormous benefits that music education can offer. Too often, children want to learn music and arts, but their parents can’t afford private lessons. I hope to reach these children and all others through their charter schools. If you are interested in registering your child for piano lessons with me through your charter school, please contact me about music lessons. I look forward to teaching your child the beautiful language of music!


From toddler tinkering at the keys to university music student and beyond, Brianne's whole life has revolved around music lessons, competitions, performances, and more. Now she is professionally involved in teaching, composing, orchestrating, and performing in a variety of contexts. Bri's desire is to help individuals of all ages come to enjoy the beautiful and fun nature of creating music through developing their musical talents.

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