Sky Mountain Charter School Piano Lessons

Sky Mountain Charter SchoolI am excited to announce that I am now an Approved Vendor with Sky Mountain Charter School for Music Lessons! I offer piano lessons here in Corona. It is a privilege to work with Sky Mountain and other local charter schools to further children’s music education. If your child is enrolled with Sky Mountain this school year, you can use your school funding to enroll him or her in piano lessons with me.

As I wrote in a previous post about the benefits of music education for homeschool and charter school students, this is a unique opportunity for us both. I hope to share my love of music and enrich your child’s life and educational experience. Teaching children music is a great joy of mine, and I have seen many lives blessed through music education. You have the opportunity to let your child learn music in a one-on-one setting using school funding, which is an opportunity that many others do not get. Through music lessons, your child will develop a myriad of valuable characteristics, including musical talent, musical understanding, emotional development, creativity, performance skills, expression, problem solving skills, multi-tasking ability, discipline, and more. Considerable scientific research has demonstrated the widespread benefits of music education, especially for children.

One of the reasons I’m sure you chose to enroll your child in Sky Mountain Charter School is the freedom you have to choose what activities he or she can participate in. This opportunity is available for you to give your child piano lessons. If you would like to enroll your child in private piano lessons with me through your charter school, contact me today. I look forward to helping your child develop a talent and love for music!


From toddler tinkering at the keys to university music student and beyond, Brianne's whole life has revolved around music lessons, competitions, performances, and more. Now she is professionally involved in teaching, composing, orchestrating, and performing in a variety of contexts. Bri's desire is to help individuals of all ages come to enjoy the beautiful and fun nature of creating music through developing their musical talents.

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