Brianne Lundberg Music Lessons in Corona

Spring Music Recital 2018

Spring Music Recital 2018Another year filled with incredible growth for my music students and studio! We recently held our Spring Recital to showcase everyone’s musical progress.For 7 students this was their first recital ever, and for 1 graduating senior it was her last before heading off to college. We had a total of 28 excellent […]

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MusicalBri Spring Piano Recital 2017

Spring Piano Recital 2017

​Spring Piano Recital on May 26, 2017On May 26, we held our Spring Piano Recital. It was a Classical Theme, and everyone performed their pieces beautifully! I was proud of every performer, from my newest beginners to my more advanced students. You can view our Recital Program here with notes about each Composer whose music was […]

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performing memorized music

What Does a Pianist See?

What Does a Pianist See? A pianist friend of mine shared this neat video on Facebook. The video uses eyetracking technology to see where a pianist is looking when playing the piano. The especially interesting thing about this video is that it shows what a professional pianist sees as well as a beginner/intermediate pianist. Performing Known […]

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piano sustain pedal

Common Piano Pedal Mistakes

Common Piano Pedal Mistakes Even though all three piano pedals do something different, most pianists tend to use just one: the sustain pedal, also called the damper pedal. This pedal makes the keys echo with a ringing tone, sustaining the sound even after you let go of the keys. It adds a rich and beautiful quality to […]

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grand piano mason & hamlin

50 Life Lessons Learned in Piano Lessons

50 Life Lessons I Learned in Piano Lessons A lifetime of studying piano has taught me a lot more than just music. In some very meaningful ways, piano lessons have shaped the way I approach and handle life. 1. Practice Makes Perfect—Piano takes practice. Life takes practice. Anything worthwhile takes practice. You’ll never succeed if […]

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Christmas Recital 2016

This Christmas I held a joint recital for all of the instruments I teach – piano, voice, and flute. It was quite a full house! The recital was held the first Saturday in December and went spectacularly well. I am so proud of all who performed and participated! Here are some pictures and videos from […]

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Halloween Piano Sheet Music - Tombstone Boo's

New Halloween Piano Sheet Music

As a piano teacher, I know it’s always fun to learn holiday music. However, Christmas seems to have a fair monopoly on that. So I recently wrote/arranged a bunch of songs for Halloween and put them on my website! All of this new Halloween piano sheet music is arranged for beginner and intermediate level pianists. […]

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