NOTE: I am not currently accepting any new Flute students. 
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Flute Lessons

Private One-on-One Instruction

Location: Online instruction only due to COVID
Levels Taught: Beginner to Intermediate
Schedule: 8am to 5pm M-F

flute student performing

What can flute lessons do for you?

Did you know that when you take music lessons there are many more benefits than just learning music? Of course, you'll develop some amazing musical skills and be able to show off at parties and maybe one day go on to be a famous performer! But you'll also become a better problem solver, think more creatively, and even have improved hearing and sight skills! Music lessons do more for you and your brain than any other kind of activity - including other arts.

  • A new creative skill
  • Performance skills
  • Discipline
  • Emotional skills
  • Higher IQ
  • Increased memory
  • Problem solving skills
  • And more...
Flute with Sheet Music
flute lessons

With me as your Flute teacher, you'll learn:

  • How to play Flute (of course.)
  • How to read music (play anything that's put in front of you)
  • How to play by ear (play anything you've heard by remembering how it sounds)
  • Technique
  • Breath Control & Endurance
  • Dynamics & Articulation
  • Music Theory
  • Phrasing & Style
  • How to play in an ensemble group (band, orchestra, etc)
  • How to play on your own (solo!)

Unique Benefits of Studying Flute

Strong Lungs & Endurance

Playing flute takes more air than any instrument except the tuba! This will make exercise that much easier and more fun.

Hand-eye Coordination

Not so great at catching a ball? Here you'll learn to make your fingers play what your eyes are reading on the sheet music.

Controlled Multi-tasking

With flute you learn to read a note on the page while using your fingers to press specific keys together and your mouth to blow air and make the correct sound. Don't worry; with practice you'll get the hang of it!

Strong Arms

Especially your right arm. The flute is a light instrument but you'll find that holding it up for a few minutes definitely strengthens those arm muscles.

Performance Skills

Every week you get to play music for me, and I'll also encourage you to perform wherever you can: in recitals, at school events, at band or orchestra concerts, and more.

Practice Skills

With any new skill it's important to practice. The better you learn to practice, the better you'll get as a flutist!