Student Resources


Here are the standard lesson materials for my piano students.

Beginner students typically start with a lesson book, an exercise book, and theory. As you advance, I introduce appropriate level scales, exercises, more theory, and technique. I will also regularly introduce new music including classical, jazz, film music, popular music, Disney music, and more to broaden your music education and your enjoyment of the material.

Beginner Piano First Lesson

For your very first piano lesson, you will need…

Method Books

NOTE: If you are a transfer student, I will most likely transition you to the appropriate level Schaum book with one exception — If you have been using the John Thompson piano books, I will likely keep you in them. Both Schaum and Thompson are excellent methodologies, so if you’re already doing well with John Thompson, we probably won’t need to switch.

Beginner Theory

Exercise Books

Scales, Chords, and Arpeggios


All additional theory, exercises, and other music I will recommend on an individual basis. To encourage growth and to help my students love music even more, I also offer custom arrangements of any song to fit your level. Some of the arrangements I’ve made for my students include Christmas carols, classical music, Charlie Brown, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, Taylor Swift, Bollywood, religious music, and more.

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