NOTE: I am not currently accepting any new Voice students. 
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Voice Lessons

Location: My Home in Corona, CA
Levels Taught: Beginner to Advanced
Schedule: 8am to 5:00pm M-F

Voice and Singing Lessons in Corona, CA

What can music lessons do for you?

Did you know that when you take music lessons there are many more benefits than just learning music? Of course, you'll develop some amazing musical skills and be able to show off at parties and maybe one day go on to be a famous performer! But you'll also become a better problem solver, think more creatively, and even have improved hearing and sight skills! Music lessons do more for you and your brain than any other kind of activity - including other arts.

  • A new creative skill
  • Performance skills
  • Discipline
  • Emotional skills
  • Higher IQ
  • Increased memory
  • Problem solving skills
  • And more...
Bri with one of her voice lesson students
Voice Lesson Hardware

With me as your voice teacher, you'll learn:

  • How to sing beautifully (not to mention, carry a tune)
  • How to read music
  • How to perform for your friends and family with confidence
  • Technique
  • Ear Training & Pitch Control
  • How to sing solo and with others (choir, duet, accompanied)
  • Practice Skills & Discipline
  • Breath Control & Endurance
  • Diction & Pronunciation
  • Phrasing & Style
  • Different styles of music including classical, opera, musical theatre, contemporary, and more...

Unique Benefits of Studying Voice

Strong Lungs & Endurance

True singers understand that singing takes a whole lot of breath and strength; therefore, breathing exercises will be part of our private singing lessons every week. This will make exercise that much easier and more fun!


Learning any new skill builds confidence, but singing in particular is especially beneficial for strengthening your confidence. Being able to sing and perform well will push your confidence levels through the roof.

Performance Skills

Every week you get to sing for me, and I'll also encourage you to perform wherever you can: in recitals, at school events, at choir concerts, at parties, and more.

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