Your Tuition Package

"For every hour enrolled in music lessons, you are investing at least two hours of the teacher's time."

You are also gaining access to exclusive benefits for your music education!

Your Tuition Package covers:

  • Student registration to enroll in the studio
  • A regular, one-on-one, exclusive lesson time reserved for your learning experience
  • Customized lesson planning, preparation, and development so that every lesson is unique to you
  • Teacher expertise acquired through years of private lessons, performances, competitions, professional degrees, and teaching
  • Studio expenses such as maintaining the instrument, copies, printing, supplies, cleaning, tech, music software, and other expenses that benefit everyone
  • Availability outside of lessons for communication and assistance relating to your music education


ALL THESE BONUSES that other teachers do not offer (or charge extra for):

  • Custom arrangements and compositions created just for you (very few teachers nationwide offer this!)
  • Exclusive access to my Sheet Music Library: an extensive variety of sheet music to enhance your learning, improve your enjoyment, and reduce your costs
  • Theory worksheets and other resources to improve your learning
  • Curriculum adapted from a wide range of teaching methods (many teachers use only one teaching method, whereas I use a variety of methods to help every student learn as they do best)
  • Recital expenses, management, and many hours of preparation provided at no additional cost to you or your guests (many teachers have participation fees and charge for tickets, and some do not hold recitals at all!)

ALL THESE EXPENSES ARE INCLUDED in Your Tuition Package for your benefit and convenience. 

Other Benefits...

Your tuition buys incredible advantages that will benefit you for the rest of your life! While helping you become a skilled musician, you can enjoy the following proven benefits of music lessons:

Greater appreciation of arts • Cultural development • Improved emotional sensitivity, awareness, and healthDiversification • Performance skills • Discipline and focus • Increased self-esteem and confidence • Stress and anxiety reduction • Patience • Increased memoryHigher IQ and brain function • Reasoning and problem-solving skills • Multi-tasking ability • Understanding the value of hard work • And more...

Some music students go on to study, perform, and/or teach music at the academic and professional level. I personally know many professional musicians who did not even consider a musical career until adulthood, and without their parents investing in music lessons, they would not have had such an opportunity. Your investment could be guaranteeing your child a career, or at the very least, a valuable lifelong skill!

By investing in your child’s music education, you are providing them with an exceptional skill and countless benefits that they will enjoy for a lifetime.