Enrollment in lessons includes much more than just a 30-minute lesson each week. Your Tuition Package covers the cost of lessons, registration, many materials, recital expenses, and more. 

Here is a list of all that your tuition includes:

  • Student registration to enroll in the studio
  • A regular, exclusive lesson time reserved for your education
  • A unique, one-on-one learning experience with individualized attention and care
  • Customized lesson planning, preparation, and development
  • Curriculum adapted from a wide range of teaching methods
  • An extensive variety of sheet music purchased on your behalf to enhance your learning, improve your enjoyment, and reduce your costs
  • Custom arrangements and compositions created just for you
  • Theory worksheets and other materials to improve your learning experience
  • Recital preparation, management, and expenses, all provided at no additional cost to you or your guests
  • Teacher expertise, acquired through years of private lessons, performances, competitions, professional degrees, and teaching
  • Studio expenses such as maintaining the piano, copies, printing, supplies, music software, and other expenses that benefit everyone
  • Makeup lessons (as needed based on availability)
  • Availability outside of lessons for communication relating to your music education

I don’t charge additional fees like other music studios. ALL EXPENSES are included in the Tuition package for your benefit and convenience. You will always know exactly what to budget and everything you’re getting from piano lessons.

Your tuition will also “buy” incredible advantages that will benefit you for the rest of your life! While helping you become a skilled musician, you can enjoy the following proven benefits of music lessons:

Greater appreciation of art • Cultural development • Improved emotional sensitivity, awareness, and healthDiversification • Performance skills • Discipline and focus • Increased self-esteemStress and anxiety reduction • Patience • Increased memoryHigher IQ and brain function • Reasoning and problem-solving skills • And more...

Music students may also go on to study, perform, and/or teach music at the academic and professional level. I personally know many professional musicians who did not even consider this career until adulthood, and they were eternally grateful to parents and teachers who helped them prepare for such an opportunity. Your investment in music lessons could be guaranteeing your child a career!

No one can put a price on the beautiful art that is music, but by investing in your child’s music education, you are providing them with an exceptional skill and countless benefits that they will enjoy for a lifetime!

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