Spring Piano Recital 2016

On June 3rd I held my Spring Piano Recital, in which many of my piano students performed. Every performer prepared two pieces: one classical and one “other” of their choosing. Our guests were privileged to hear everything from Beethoven, Bach, Debussy, and Mozart to Disney, Taylor Swift, musical theatre, and even Bollywood. I also had all the performers memorize one of their pieces. A few even surprised me by performing both of their pieces from memory. Performing from memory helped them experience what it is like for professional pianists who frequently have to memorize all of their music. At the very end I also performed a piece I’ve been working on, since I (like my students) am always trying to better my skills as a musician and performer. We had a great turnout and a lot of support for all the performers, and I think it was a very successful event!

Performing in a recital gives you the chance to learn what it really means to be a musician, how to prepare and practice, how to handle nerves/stage fright, how to make the best of your mistakes, how to have fun, and, most of all, how to share your love of music with those around you. I think that each of my students learned from this experience, and I’m so proud of all of them. Everyone worked very hard to prepare, and each performer did an excellent job!!

Some pictures from the event:

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Some videos my students sent me of their performances:

My performance at the end of the night:


From toddler tinkering at the keys to university music student and beyond, Brianne's whole life has revolved around music lessons, competitions, performances, and more. Now she is professionally involved in teaching, composing, orchestrating, and performing in a variety of contexts. Bri's desire is to help individuals of all ages come to enjoy the beautiful and fun nature of creating music through developing their musical talents.

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